Strengthening Living Heritage

Strengthening Living Heritage

This partnership project brings in different organizations, communities, universities, and NGOs to strengthen living heritage which, we argue, is linked to sustainable livelihoods.
This project’s overarching goal is to support communities, institutions, governments, and Indigenous people in safeguarding and transmitting their cultural expressions and languages to future generations by:

(1) expanding our understanding of ICH in Canada, including the languages and livelihoods that sustain it;

(2) examining the role of stakeholders in order to create policies that support ICH safeguarding and sustainable livelihoods;

(3) creating the conditions for ICH to be revived, maintained, and transmitted by supporting cultural custodians through education, capacity-building, and research.

There will be concerted efforts to center marginalized groups’ cultures and livelihoods through development of professional skills and mentoring. By mobilizing ICH and sustainability experts to employ immersion-based community-informed educational experiences, this project is uniquely positioned to tailor an equitable and culturally vibrant future.

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